Drumming and Flute Instruction


Stream has been playing flutes since childhood.

In addition to playing the Concert and Alto Boehm system silver flutes he has familiarity with almost all the flutes of the world. Flute making was once his livelihood - he has created thousands of flutes of many types over the years.

Stream plays and teaches the basic 6 hole cross-blown flute and the North Indian BANSURI flute; for pleasure, performance and ritual he teaches the easy to learn NATIVE AMERICAN flute.

He is also familiar with the South American QUENA and the Japanese SHAKUHACHI and he loves deeply the ancient Egyptian and Turkish Sufi NEY flutes. In his collection of hundreds of flutes from around the world Stream has many OCCARINA clay flutes from different cultures and even a NOSE flute from Hawaii.

Stream teaches the flute as an instrument as intimate as the human voice. AWARENESS of BREATH and TONE leads to development of the necessary technique that will allow the student to express with freedom and confidence her/his musical impulse, be it traditional or intuitive. 

View a video in which Stream plays and talks about his favorite flutes:





Stream has been playing drums 40+ happy years, and he has been teaching since 1988. Frame drums, doumbeks, djembes and the other kinds are all dear to him. 


The hand drum offers both a path to personal power and a way to join the healing and joyous rhythm community, the family of drummers. Stream doesn’t claim to teach African, Middle Eastern, or any other culturally defined style of drumming; his way is to teach the technique most suited to each student. In the same way, a rhythmic vocabulary evolves naturally with the needs of the individual. He sees that learning about drumming and rhythm often is a means to achieve a new freedom of creative expression, which after a while becomes reflected in other aspects of the drummer’s life.

A former student wrote, “Thank you so much for all you taught me about drumming and about life. Thank you for your generosity of spirit that let you share with abandon your instruments, your recordings, your sense of humor and your wisdom. Thank you for helping me to see that, with work and practice, I could achieve this very important personal goal of learning to drum. I can't express how much you helped me.” – Bobbie T., D.C.


Come for a trial lesson with Stream! He will explain and demonstrate many types of drums and styles of drumming and let you try the instruments in his large collection. Study groups and families are also welcome.