Dragon Studio Drum Jams

Drum Circle, Musical Adventure, Improvisation

With facilitation by Stream Tomas Ohrstrom


Play drums, gongs, bells, xylophones, a multitude of marvelous instruments...
Beginners welcome!

Most Friday evenings
7:30-9 PM, $15 donation (children under 12 with parent: free - no one turned away for lack of funds)

Space is somewhat limited – you may want to call/email ahead to confirm 301-949-8984 or email windplay@gmail.com

You are (of course) invited to bring your own favorite instrument!


Stream has facilitated 1000 drum circles since 1988. He has drummed with wide-eyed toddlers in daycare centers and with seniors in nursing homes, with bereaved children and traumatized youth in summer camps, but also with elated celebrants in wedding parties. Stream has led large drumming events on the Mall and in front of the Jefferson Memorial; he has led multi-generational family groups in back yards and living rooms.

Years of after-school drumming programs in Montgomery County and numerous assemblies and workshop events in schools, churches, libraries and other institutions contribute to Stream's vast experience as a facilitator. Participants often comment on Stream’s skillful way of making everyone feel accepted and included irregardless of previous experience and his easy and humorous way of communicating the basics of drumming and the empowering magic of rhythm. Stream originated and led the Beatjam Drum Circle in Takoma Park and in Silver Spring for more than 20 years.


"... a delightful, energizing and refreshing experience! What impressed me most was that your drumming inspired one of our most conservative senior board members not only to get carried away with beating on a drum [...], but that he was inspired to actually get up and dance! Amazing! And I felt the excitement in knowing first hand how rhythmic drumming with others knits people in both energy and community. Truly a heart-warming, heart-lightening experience.” Marybeth - Exec. Dir., Lifeline Partnership, Washington, DC


"The drumming classes have changed my interactions with the world. I hear rhythms everywhere. Even though I have always had trouble keeping up with all but the simplest rhythms, I have come to love drumming... and I drum to calm, center, and meditate. I thank you for these things.” –Tish, Silver Spring

 "The drumming circle for me is multi-faceted. It is a spiritual experience. It stands for peace, unity, equality. It is a place of release and acceptance. It calls forth creativity and spontaneity and soul. It is a community. Stream makes all of this possible. He is integral in creating this space." – Beth, Rockville