Florian Schlosser


A Cellular Dance Of Oneness: "When the human body is allowed to be free, and plays innocently without interference, then there is the experience of Oneness. 
There is 
no conflict and no separation. Held in awareness it is love in its purest form.“
In his meetings, Florian invites participants to self inquiry and a direct recognition of who they truly are, as well as to explore in a uniquely  grounded and simple way any unconscious belief patterns that determine our way of being in life. The meeting is an invitation to BE and EMBODY what we have understood and accomplished with our minds. In this we can bring the beauty and tremendous transformative power of NON-DUALITY into the depth of the body, and therefore into daily life. Transformation takes place at a cellular level as stress and fear energy in the nervous system discharges. Being consciousness includes taking part in the full activity of life as well as resting in the arms of the beloved. In living as an embodiment of consciousness nothing is excluded; everything is genuinely welcomed and embraced. Living as the space of awareness becomes our embodied  reality in daily life, rooted in what we love the most: BEING FREE.
In April 2000 there awoke in Florian (formerly known as Tathagata) the fundamental realization that there are not "inside" and "outside" worlds which exist separately from each other. Florian describes it this way: "In waking up to the reality of now, there is synchronicity. The wakefulness of your true being penetrates every layer of the personality in each moment. Then there is only one. It is not truth versus personality. It is one. The personality functions in a different way, things come to peace that have not been as peace before, and the truth that was caged is set free like a flying bird." During the course of the following 10 years, there began a profound integration of that ultimate shift in consciousness into the body, accompanied by an ongoing transformation of the entire nervous and cellular system.
In his widely-appreciated unique approach Florian invites people to include all aspects of human life and finallly to be  a mature and integrated embodiment of consciousness in daily life. For 9 years he has shared meetings and silent retreats through the year in various parts of the world.  For more about Florian, go to www.florianschlosser.com
In 2010, OneCircle Center has had the honor of hosting Florian. For information about Florian's future visits to the DC area, please contact his website or check the OneCircle calendar. 

Latest News

Fridays: Dragon Studio Jam, 7:30-9 PM

 $15 donation


Rumi Celebration- Poetry and Music - Sunday, Dec. 17, 6-8 PM

 Suggested donation: $15


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