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CHUCK HILLIG: A Unique, Creative and Light-Hearted Approach to Non-Duality


          Who Do You Think You Are?"  and "Living in the WOW!"




Chuck Hillig is a modern spiritual teacher, author and state-licensed psychotherapist who speaks and writes about the essence of non-dual spirituality and presents its astonishing truths in compelling ways that are totally unique, completely accessible and absolutely life-changing. Using his studies in both eastern philosophy and western psychology, Chuck’s five books – translated into eleven languages - present a worldview about living an enlightened and authentic life in the 21st Century by waking up to who you really are.   Chuck has been a devotee of Ramana Maharshi for over 42 years.  

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John Wubbenhorst and Broto Royon House Concert, Saturday, Oct. 14, 7:30 PM

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CANCELLED: Dragon Studio Jam - Friday, , Oct. 6, 7:30PM

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