East Meets West

Join Divisio @ One Circle
Sunday, March 29, 7:00 PM

Suggested donation: $15 at the door
DIVISIO’s musical influences cut a broad trail across the world – from Spain, Italy, Greece, to Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, and Northern Africa. Modeled after the idea of traditional music as alive, Divisio sends roots into cultures long gone and wide branches into cultures still in
development. Divisio is a celebration of music from everywhere. We believe that music around the world has more elements in common than it has differences, and when blended together, the cultural differences dissolve, exposing the true humanity of this art form – the power to make you want to dance, or cry, to believe, or question.


We are three multi-instrumentalists: between us, we have 56 strings,
at least 12 drums, three unique voices, and a musical history that pounds with the life of many styles. Brian Kay can play many instruments, and transfix audiences with his emotional singing.
 Niccolo Seligmann is a bowed strings player with punk rock fire and liquid soul. Dan Raney’s luminous spirit shines through in his exuberant and precise grooves, informed by orchestral, rock, and jazz percussion.


Recently awarded the prestigious Peabody Honors Ensemble status, as well as the Johns Hopkins University Provost Research Award, Divisio is pioneering the hidden frontiers of medieval and traditional music.


We are excited to share our music with you.


Latest News

John Wubbenhorst and Broto Royon House Concert, Saturday, Oct. 14, 7:30 PM

 $15 suggested donation


CANCELLED: Dragon Studio Jam - Friday, , Oct. 6, 7:30PM

 Suggested donation: $15