Soul Work and Healing
Julia Burger, Tania Gerich, and Gloria Kozel
I am a circle, I am healing you, you are a circle, you are healing me. Unite us, be one. Unite us, be one.   -Adele Getty

We are here for only one reason: to wake up to our true nature as Consciousness. As we call for our authentic selves from deep in our own souls, our call is answered in whatever way is appropriate for our particular journey. Often, it is right for other souls to help guide us on our path to awakening. OneCircle Center offers such guides (featured below) and each is also on their own paths of transformation.

OneCircle guides are fully trained and experienced and work with their own set of healing tools. The unique soul-work services available through our Center can be helpful for depression, addictions, relationship problems, physical health, aging and spiritual growth issues as well as other challenges of living.* Individual, couple and group work is available. The following modalities, rarely offered in a traditional clinical setting, are used by OneCircle guides:

  • The Work of Byron Kate (see description on Inquiry Circle page)

  • Expressive Arts Journeying – Each person is innately creative and our imagination is the language of our soul. Expressive Arts  Journeying is process-oriented -  the  interplay of movement, visual art, sound, music, theatre, ritual and writing will show us the depth of our soul,  will heal our heart and awaken our sense of compassionate connectedness to ourselves, others and to all that is.

  • Energy HealingThe body does not lie. It accurately reflects the condition of the soul and is, therefore, a direct route to heal the blocks that stand in the way of our awakening to our true nature which is beyond the body-mind. The type of energy work used will depend on the practitioner.

  • Shamanic Work


*For severe conditions, we recommend that you see a licensed clinical practitioner first and get their approval for the use of these modalities.

Contact each practitioner directly for more information and/or to schedule an appointment.



Julia Burger

Julia's pioneering and artistic spirit led her to open the first healing arts center in Washington, D. C. in the late seventies.

She received a certification and master's degree in Expressive Arts Therapy and is currently an expressive arts practitioner.  Julia designs and presents arts programs for populations ranging in age from seven to ninety-seven.   She received the Arts for the Aging Award for Excellence and in the Spring of 2007 her Haiku poetry programs will be part of a documentary to be aired on PBS titled "Do Not Go Gently".   With a twenty year background in Buddhist studies and meditation, she brings a special richness to her private sessions and programs.   As a co-founder of Circle of Worship,Julia believes in the healing power of the arts rooted in human imagination as a waterway to peace and service to all

Expressive Arts Practitioner - private sessions
Consultant and Public Speaker on Aging and Creativity
Soul of Aging Workshops

For further information contact Julia Burger, The Healing Arts, at or 202-997-1920.


Tania Gerich

Tania has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology – Master Therapist Program (1987) and is an early graduate (1977) of the Potomac Massage Therapy Institute (PMTI) of Washington, DC. Tania is a life-long dancer and a choreographer. She has also studied Expressive Arts Therapy with Natalie Rogers, Paulo Knill and Shaun McNiff. She is a graduate of The School for the Work of Byron Katie (2002). Tania has been a teacher, bodyworker, group leader and counselor for over 30 years.  

Tania offers individual, couple, and group sessions using The Work, Expressive Arts Journeying and Energy Work either separately or in combination. A session with Tania, regardless of the healing modality used, is an opportunity to welcome – in every moment – the truth, freedom, joy and peace which is our true nature.

Call 301-949-8984 or email Tania at for information on rates and to schedule an appointment.

Gloria Kozel




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