You Are Invited!

You are invited to…Circle of Worship!

“We meet in a circle to praise Unity…”


We are loose-knit community representing many spiritual traditions and we come together to honor the world’s sacred teachings and to celebrate our innate creativity as a form of worship. Circle of Worship has met every month since April, 1996.

Each service begins with a candle-lighting ceremony where we pay homage to the One Source which inspires all faith and all sacred teachings. On our circular alter we place ten candles representing the Divine Feminine, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Indigenous and Native Traditions, All Other Faiths and a candle for all Pure Hearts who have carried the light of Truth. Everyone is invited to participate in the lighting of the candles and, if inspired, to share something that relates to a particular candle. The tenth candle focuses our prayers for healing.

We recognize that each one of us possesses a spark of divine inspiration and a unique spiritual perspective. After the candle-lighting, there is creative activity around a specific theme announced in advance. As we meet in the holy circle and share our expressions in words, music, movement or images, we help each other manifest heaven on earth “peace by peace.”

What to bring:

• Your payers, chants, songs and poems – pieces you want to read, sing or hear
• An inspiring story or insight
• A dance
• Art
• A musical instrument to play
• Mostly, bring an open mind and a tender heart!

First Sunday of every month, from 11 AM to 1 PM (Pot-luck brunch follows service.)


OneCircle Center, 3804 Littleton St, Silver Spring, MD 20906.
For more information: 301-949-8984 or email us at

Come join the Circle, let’s sing and dance and pray together, Children of the Light!  
-Dance of Universal Peace

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OneCircle Center, 3804 Littleton St, Silver Spring, MD 20906 301-949-8984;

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